Shippensburg, PA
"Our mission is to help generations of women and girls to be strong, independent, and able to take care of themselves in all situations to help limit domestic violence, sexual assault, and bullying in all forms. We are aware of the unique educational and social challenges that our youth community faces on a daily basis and are committed to adapting our organization to meet their needs. We believe that this program will help introduce our services to an underserved (population). By the program's end, we hope to see entire generations of women in our area be stronger and rise up to meet the challenges around them."

Founder & Lead Instructor

Mercersburg, PA

"Our main goal here at Peckin Thyme Farms is to provide neglected, senior, sick, or unwanted animals with a safe, loving, and healthy environment. Regardless if an animal is here for one day or life-long, they are treated with constant love and care."

Dash for Down Syndrome
Fayetteville, PA​​​​​​​
"A Charity organization united for a common cause: Raising awareness and celebrating the individuals we love with Down Syndrome."


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